Sunday, 8 May 2016

car repair brooklyn ny

Deftruck Auto Repair is a client centered auto administration and repair shop in Brooklyn,NY. Our little group of auto mechanics are ASE Certified, and can chip away at all vehicle makes and models.

Whether you simply require an oil change, a speedy tune-up, or require a complete motor update, the group at Deftruck Auto Repair can deal with it for you. We utilize premium brands in our work; names, for example, AC Delco, MotorCraft, NGK, Valvoline, Goodyear, Gates, and Felpro.

Truck Repair and car repair brooklyn ny

On the off chance that the 'Check Engine' light has gone ahead, go to the shop and we'll give the vehicle a free examination. On the off chance that you've been cited for work that you're not certain is required, come in for a brief moment sentiment. On the off chance that the work needs doing, we will beat any composed evaluation, and on the off chance that it truly doesn't require doing we'll let you know. Here's a choice of a portion of the truck administrations we offer at our car repair brooklyn ny.

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